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The Technical Specialist Education and Training group are an NHS committee actively supporting and promoting the work of NHS staff working in the technical aspects of hospital pharmacy.


Conditions of Use

The Aseptic Processing Programme (APP) and the TPDPortal.org.uk were provided for, and restricted to the use of hospital pharmacy employees working within the NHS. Registration with, and use of these systems is completely free for NHS users.

Users may create one account only for their own personal use. The account must be registered using a valid NHS email account. This will be validated before access to the resources is granted. Once validated, your account can be accessed from any computer or web accessible device.

Please note that although accessible, only some parts of the site are optimised for Smartphone, iPad or Andoid Tablet use. Some content such as instructional movies may be restricted when using devices that do not accept Flash. In addition, other content may not execute as normal.

TSET will take all necessary steps to ensure that day to day, the resources are available for use, and its service is uninterrupted. It will also take all reasonable steps to ensure the site is free from errors. Due however to the unique characteristics of the Internet, this cannot be guaranteed.

From time to time maintenance and upgrades may take place. Although every effort is made to do this discretely, users should be aware that, for reasons outside our control, such work may temporarily affect access to the site or certain functions of it.

TPDPortal data is backed up on a daily basis, including user account content. In the unlikely event of a problem, the site and content can be restored with a maximum data loss of 24 hours. Users should be aware that if the site is used sporadically by an individual user, and a large volume of data is then created/changed in a single 24 hour period, if this coincides with an event beyond our control, due to the back-up cycle, this data could be lost. TPDPortal.org.uk cannot be held responsible for such a loss.

TSET grants you, personal access to your account, so you may utilise its professional development and learning tools. Other than personal content you have created, or PDF APP Chapters which may be downloaded and printed within the normal functionality of the site, you may not download, copy, disseminate or modify any part of the site, without our written consent.

This site or any portion of it may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without our express written consent.

You may create a hyperlink to the welcome page of the TSET site as long as the link does not portray the site or affiliate it with products, services, groups or content that is derogatory, offensive, illegal or misleading.

You must not use the APP or TPD Portal in any way that either directly or indirectly causes, or may cause them to be damaged, or that may affect user access.

When you register for an account, it is understood that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password. You should take all necessary steps to ensure that your password is kept confidential and secure, including access to your computer, or access device, and must inform us immediately if you know or suspect your password is known by, or being used by, or may be used by, another party. You agree that as such you are responsible for any content or activity undertaken using your account or password.

All content included in the APP and TPD Portal, such as competence descriptors, affiliated data, text, data handling methods, designs, images, movies, logos and software are protected by UK copyright and database right laws and owned by NHS TSET or its partner, Axia Digital (Citizen Connect Ltd)

You must not use the site for any of the following:
  • to create a bogus, fraudulent, imposter, or secondary personal account
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  • in connection with any illegal or malicious activity or intent.
  • to create, send, receive, upload, use or reuse any material that is in breach of confidence to create, send, receive, upload, use or reuse any material that is obscene, offensive, malicious, abusive, indecent or defamatory or that in any way negative effects other users or third parties
  • to create, send or upload software, viruses, mass and or spam mailing, data mining, spy, logging or extraction tools.
  • to create and/or publish your own database, site, portal or material that uses any features, data handling properties, design or content of the APP or TPDPortal.
  • To download and share content with others therefore preventing or severing links to NHS TSET’s product users.

TSET remains fully committed to supporting the TPD for the foreseeable future and currently holds adequate funds to achieve this. There are currently no known threats to the future viability of TSET as a group. If at any point in the future due to changes in the NHS or to other unforeseen factors outside of its control, the future viability of TSET comes under threat, the committee will implement an exit strategy to transfer the running of the TPD Portal to another appropriate body or organisation or, in the worst case scenario, ensure that all data entered on the portal is preserved and accessible to users.

Although the need to do so is not anticipated, we reserve the right to refuse access to the site, terminate accounts, remove or edit content at our discretion should the need arise

Privacy and Security Policy

TSET understands your concerns about privacy on the Internet and is committed to respecting the privacy of our online community of visitors and registrants. We never share, sell or disclose any personal information about you. Our web server automatically recognizes each visitor's domain name, but does not automatically collect personally identifiable information. The site uses cookies to achieve this and you can view our cookie policy.

In order to register with the APP and TPD Portal we need to collect specific information about you. This information is encrypted and registrants can be assured that this information is held securely and is used only by TSET to allow ongoing access to the site. You may however occasionally receive future information from us electronically, primarily to remind you about the site and encourage your continued use of it.

We will collect aggregate information on the number and frequency of visits to various parts of our site, including which APP chapters have been downloaded, for the purposes of improving the site, uptake of it, improving your user experience and understanding regional or national training needs.

Our servers are routinely tested against, and comply with HMG Security Policy Framework and Information Assurance Standard 6, which is one of the strictest standards of data security. Registrants can also therefore be assured that in addition to information supplied at the time of registration, data they choose to upload to the site in connection with portal use, is also stored securely.

It is important to note, that other than membership and use of the portal's forum area, registrants membership of the site and their data, unless expressly described otherwise, is inaccessible and invisible to other registrants.

TSET administrators, either employed by NHS TSET, or Axia Interactive Media Ltd (our software development and support partners) have administration rights and therefore limited access to personal accounts. This access is for the purposes of retrieving data necessary to support users in the event of password loss, or resolving user difficulties, if they arise. Such access is usually, however not exclusively, at the request of a particular user. Any user request for assistance will be limited to their own account.

During roll out of the TPDPortal.org.uk and APP, administrators may if required, view and supply registration volume data, 'account last used' data or ‘chapter’ popularity data to NHS TSET.

TSET sites include links to other sites. We do not provide personally identifiable information to these sites. These links are provided for your information and convenience only. TSET is not responsible for the content or validity of these sites, their privacy practices and or security. You should reassure yourself of their security and or contact them directly to review their policies.

When using the forum and when uploading evidence of competence, care must be taken to protect patient confidentiality, and follow local/national guidelines. Any copies of worksheets for example, used as supporting evidence must be depersonalised. TPDPortal.org.uk takes no responsibility for any action taken with regards patient confidentiality, should you fail to do this.

In the event you leave a hospital, Trust or region and the email account you used to register will no longer be accessible, you must inform TSET before your access to this email account is denied so that we can contact you to arrange transfer of your membership to new contacts details.

It is important for you to protect against unauthorised access to your account, password, your computer, or other access device. Never save your password on a shared or public computer, and be sure to sign off when away from or have finished using one.

If you have any concern about privacy at TSET, please use the Contact tab, and provide information and a contact point so that we can attempt to address the matter for you.


The online site remains the property of NHS TSET.

This means that with respect to GDPR legislation, that NHS TSET is the controller of all data that is in gathered in the TPDPortal and APP, whilst Citizen Connect Ltd is the processor of all the data that is on the site. All access to that data is controlled by NHS TSET and can only be accessed with their express permission.

Data processing

Data is created by the user (dependent on the TSET product that is utilised by the end user) to assist with their education and training or to collect information about their personal development as evidence of the professional experience. Peer reviewers can be asked to make an online assessment of evidence, if requested and initiated the user. Reviewers contact information and their review of evidence will be processed and stored against the users account.

Some data provides NHS TSET with information on the professional and regional uptake of products they provide, to inform new training products.

Meeting data subjects’ rights

Data subjects have the following rights, in all cases when we are contacted directly by one of your end users we will provide the details of your Data Protection Officer and your-

  • Right of access
  • Right of rectification
  • Right of erasure
  • Right to the restriction of processing

There is a GDPR Statement and Analysis (Regulation – (EU) 2016/679 (Regulation - (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) in place with respect to this site. This defines what data is collected; how it is processed; the rights of data subjects; how data is stored and archived; how it is kept secure and the destruction of data if the contract is terminated. It also provides details of the processor’s hosting partner, the sub-processor and their GDPR policies. Finally it defines the security measures in place should data need to be transferred to identified individuals.

Aseptic Processing Programme Specific Terms

Each learning chapter includes a set of questions, which allow the opportunity for APP users to reflect on what they have learned. Some also include activities to complete, that can widen or consolidate knowledge. The APP is designed to be used under the supervision of a local trainer, supervisor or mentor, who can locally assess knowledge gained.


This training program contains reference to various products and equipment commonly used in aseptic processing. Images have been kindly donated, with grateful thanks, by the named companies for illustration purposes only. It is important to note that similar products and services are also available from other companies and any reference to said products does not constitute an endorsement of the product or service or imply best practice.

This resource is supplied by NHS TSET as a training aid. While it endeavours to make the information herein as timely and accurate as possible, it makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents, and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents or reliance on it. NHS TSET cannot be held liable for damage to premises, equipment or injury to operators or third parties with reference to the resource, howsoever caused. National and local policies and procedures take precedence and users must personally assure themselves of the accuracy of information pertaining to their processes and place of work at all times.

APP Copyright (© NHS TSET 2018.)

This program is free to use but must not be reproduced other than downloading and printing PDF copies of chapters for personal use in its current format. It must not be used for derivative documents or products without the express prior written permission of NHS TSET. Where permission is sought and granted, any such products must reference and acknowledge this source. Licences and permissions for image use, as supplied to NHS TSET for use in APP, cannot be transferred to third parties. NHS TSET cannot be held liable should you use any image content, resulting in the supplier/creator/copyright holder, taking action against you for this breach.

You agree that by creating an account and using this site/these resources, you are acknowledging acceptance of the entirety of these terms and conditions.

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